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It's YOUR Life.
Are You Choosing It?

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It's YOUR Body.
Are You Choosing It?

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Thankfully glorious Simone was brave and courageous enough to step out in the world and show me and others that there is truly another truly different point of view with everything! Simone’s classes and books has allowed me to let go of my points of views and barriers! Now I am actually receiving the possibility of what if life is fun and easy and generative?”

Edith Paul


Who Is Simone Milasas?

Simone Milasas is an innovative business leader, author and a leading Facilitator with Access Consciousness®️, a set of life-changing techniques and tools currently facilitated in more than 175 countries.  A lady who knows how to be a woman, Simone joyfully sees the prospect of possibility and future in every choice she chooses.

A self-confessed compulsive creator, Simone is also co-owner of Castello di Casalborgone, a luxury semi-private residence in Italy, three Antique Stores in Australia, and El-Lugar, an eco-retreat in Costa Rica.